Poster designed by me

1st batch of FC-NIFT, Gandhinagar organised their Fashion Show as it was in their curriculum of Fashion Basics (subject). Everyone did a wonderful job and the show was awesome.

Fashion Show was based on Elements of Design and on the famous Fashion Designers. Each one had to work in a group of two as they had to dress up on their allotted Fashion Designer’s Style/work.

The class was divided into teams where everyone played some or the other role from styling to clothing, publicity to music, backstage to co-ordination.

So, as I belonged to the publicity team we had to design posters, send invites and make people aware of this Fashion Show and it also included photography during this show. The work was well appreciated.

Presentation  on Gucci

Capture Capturefdfgdggdg sfrsgrf The above images are a part of our presentation which we had shown in our class .

IMG_0169 IMG_9515


Our Fashion Designer was Guccio Gucci and we were dressed up according to his style/work.


This was the first-time experience of organising a Fashion Show and I was really looking forward for this event as it was a challenging task to conduct this show in such a small notice but in  the guidance of our faculty Mr Lokesh Gai and our course co-ordinator Mr Ravi Joshi we were able to organize this show with a success. After this I really think everything is possible even in a short notice if you work in a team with interest and initiative.