Famous ‘Firsts’ On The Internet

In 1992, the first photo was uploaded to the Internet and now, in 2014, 1.8 billion photos are uploaded and shared daily. The world wide web has truly come a long way and this infographic by WebpageFX takes a look back at some famous first occurrences online.

From the first YouTube video posted, to the first book purchased on Amazon, the infographic also highlights what these sites have achieved since then.


[via Make Use Of, images from WebpageFX


Fashion Article for RUNWAY

fgThe emphasis or a centre of interest draws attention to the focal point of the garment. It marks the locations in a composition which most strongly draw the viewer’s attention. A centre of interest should be related to the total structure of the garment. A focal point can be achieved by colour accents, significant shapes or details, lines coming together, groups of details or contrast. If fashion designer is working on particular client, and the client has some interesting features e.g. — very beautiful shoulders or neckline, then the designer could add some interesting features or emphasizing the garments that will enhance the clients best part of the body.


AIM: Aim for doing emphasis on design because in today’s fashion if we see teenager
category they are wearing something contrasting on their whole wardrobe which
which attract anyone quickly like for example: florescent sandals, jewelry, shirts etc.
Emphasis is defined as an area or object within the artwork that draws
attention and becomes a focal point. Subordination is defined as minimizing
or toning down other compositional elements in order to bring attention to
the focal point.

Colleges like National Institute Of Fashion Technology is also going through this
trend rite now. they wear scarfs with completely different in color according to
their base cloths.